Our Story

Bringing a positive change in the lives of marginal and small farmers in India by empowering them to use organic farming practices without any harmful chemicals is the fuel that drives us. We are a quality conscious brand and our customers have loved our range of healthy products. At Organics Food Market, we bring your food, Straight from the Earth. For You.

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We Are Certified

Working directly with more than 1000 small and marginal organic growers in Assam, Manipur, West Bengal and Maharashtra, we have been successful in certification of over 800 acres of farmland and have successfully developed an effective supply chain for the products. Our products align to the principles of Organic Farming as defined by IFOAM , Principle of Fairness where we ensure that the food products are certified organic and the farmers are compensated fairly in lieu of the food products, and Principle of Care, where our products carry utmost information a consumer needs to know before picking up the food product.

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